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Comprehensive Assessments

A full comprehensive assessment is performed upon admission to our services and every six months thereafter. This assessment includes a head-to-toe physical examination, a psychological assessment, and a safety assessment. In addition to this, the patient’s spiritual and social needs are assessed.

Nursing Care Plans

Nursing care plans are created specifically for each patient. They are the instructional maps that the care home operator and care givers follow when caring for a patient. Care planning is an ongoing process. The initial care plans are written after the first comprehensive assessment is performed at admission. Each month when the patient is visited, the care plans are reviewed, updated, or discontinued as needed.

Care Provider Training

Our Company offers care provider training that is designed specifically to meet the individual needs of each patient. Such training might include: diabetic education, training on high blood pressure, or on how a specific medication might work. Training varies from patient to patient and is ongoing.

Monthly Progress Reports

Each patient is visited monthly. A physical exam is performed and a set of vital signs obtained. The nursing care plans are reviewed and updated as needed, and a progress note is written explaining the results of the visit.

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